Welcome to the Gnome Hole Brewpub

Welcome to the Gnome Hole Brewpub.  We know you are not actually sitting there yet, but neither are we.  This brewpub is still in the early planning stages.  However, one of the first things we decided to do was to launch our website so that we could chronicle the process from beginning to end [hopefully far, far in the future].  We hope that you will come along with us for Our Journey and have as much fun in the story as we do, though we am guessing it will be less stressful for you.

Who are we?

I am an engineer that has been working in the space industry for the last 15 years.  My wife is a writer/librarian/assistant/mother/general jack-of-all-awesomeness that supports me in all [okay, most] that I do.  We live in the Clear Lake area southeast of Houston, TX near the Johnson Space Center.  I’ve always been an engineer at my core, I just never knew it was my dream to brew beer until I started doing it 7 years ago.  We are planning on adding more to the clan, but this is it so far.

What is this brewpub going to be like?

This place is going to be first and foremost about the beer.  Close behind in our priorities will be to make this place a local community hub.  A place to relax, meet up with friends, and hang out.  We have finally reached a point in this country where we have more breweries than we did in the 1800’s.  However, in 1873 there was only 9,000 people for every brewery. Now, there are 78,000 people for every brewery in 2015, even though we are drinking slightly more per capita now.

We would like to resurrect that aspect of our culture where the things of your local neighborhood were more intimate and familiar than big box, cookie-cutter chains.  In order to generate that type of atmosphere, we want to be able to provide food and beer without having an underlying pretentious attitude that sometimes accompanies artisanal type products.  We want to price things reasonably so that you don’t walk out of there thinking, “That was good, but was it really worth $XX?”  Or, “I love this place, but I can’t afford to do that often.”

What’s up with the name?

I tend to be smaller in stature.  Many of my friends have lovingly referred to me by many variations of the word gnome.  So that’s me. I’m the gnome.  And gnomes live in a hole in the ground.  Not a dank, dirty, untidy hole but a clean, fresh, and welcoming hole.  We invite you to our home to enjoy the hospitality that is offered.  Make yourself at home.  But don’t put your feet on the table!  I told you it was clean, right?

Why are we doing this?

I don’t know how to say this without sounding cheesy.  This is all for God.  “What?” you say.  “God doesn’t want you opening a bar!”  Sounds weird doesn’t it?  I just can’t help but shake this nagging feeling that God wants me to do this, even though it scares me.  I believe that all we do should be for the greater glory of God, so why should this be different?  Jesus taught us that God loves everybody and how it is important for us to follow in his ways and love our neighbor.  I am trying to do that in the best way that I know how.  We want to provide a safe welcoming place for all my neighbors to come and enjoy community fellowship.  I would love to build a relationship with you and hopefully we can both enrich each other’s lives in a way that we could not have foretold when we set out on this journey.

Please come back

Please follow us here and other social network platforms.  We promise that we will keep you up to date with how things are progressing along this journey.  We already have some more stuff lined up to share with you. We might even give you some ways in which you can help.

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