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A friend of ours from VTR Creative helped us develop the logos and material for the brand of our brewpub.  We wanted branding logos that portray a down-to-earth, friendly, relaxing, familiar setting that features a cartoonish (but not silly looking) gnome.  We are quite pleased with the work they did.  They expertly created the look and feel we wanted.  They provided us with two images.

This first image (shown above) will be used for most of our signage and similar text or name heavy graphics.

This second one (shown below) will likely be used for logos, beer labels, and other similar markings.  Variations on this one that include different backgrounds or colors will be used for seasonal beers and special events.


Both brand images feature a gnome carrying a beer.  He will likely be featured as somewhat of a mascot for many of the things we do.  You may have also noticed some of the images are already being used in various locations on this website.  If the quality is not as good as the originals then you will have to forgive me as I made my own modifications to the brand logos while learning how to use GIMP.

Our plan is to update this blog weekly with the progress we have made, mistakes we have learned from, and craft beer industry news. We also know you are very busy and may not have time to come back to our little corner of the internet as often as you would like. If you join our mailing list, we will send you monthly emails with all the stuff you may have missed, plus a few extra things.

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4 thoughts on “Our Brand”

  1. WOW! So exciting! We are thrilled to follow along through the process with you and be part of the finished product. Love the gnome. Just perfect! Here’s to you, future success and great beer!

  2. Love the gnome! Seriously! Love it! And thanks so much for your Reindeer Milk this Christmas. It was Ah-MAZE!

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