Weekly Roundup #1

The Weekly Roundup series will be posted, hopefully, every Friday. In it, I plan to give a short summary of what we did this week to prepare for the eventual brewing of beer and opening of doors. I hope this list will help track what we did when.

This week we:

  • Launched the official website of Gnome Hole Brewpub. Hooray! Our unleashing of it upon the world means we are serious about this craft beer stuff. It also means all of our family and friends will be hounding us to death until they can sit at a table, drink our beer, and pay us money for the privilege.
  • Created a facebook page and Twitter account for Gnome Hole.
  • I (Michelle) got recommendations for a lawyer and an accountant because this brewery stuff is both not free and has a lot of strings.
  • Ries (aka Head Gnome) officially joined the Brewers Association and registered for their annual conference in May. He’s legit now, y’all.
  • We toasted our internet launch with a wheat ale we made. Prost!

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