Four Brewpub Founding Pillars

Early on, we wanted to define who we were as a brewpub and what pillars or aspects define the kind of establishment that we will be creating. This is not to be confused with our guiding principles, which I am sure one of us will write about at a later time. This is more like a description of the product that you will see that was formed out of our principles.

I originally sat down to write these as part of our business plan, which is still in the works. Ries asked me to pick four or five things I thought made our idea unique or interesting. These are the four things that came to mind first and they have remained the pillars of all our discussions.

Community Hub

The Gnome Hole will be a community hub. We will provide a place were people can come to meet friends and family to talk, share the adventures of their day, or have informal gatherings. It will be a laid back and comfortable place where people can stop in for a pint and a meal or share a few pints with company while they play games. Most bars are focused only on service and moving people in and out the door. We want to serve great beer and food, but we also want to build relationships.

Craft Brewed on the Premises

Many establishments that claim to be brewpubs are often simply restaurants which serve craft beer and food. A true brewpub is much more rare. The Gnome Hole will be a brewpub in the true sense of the word. Our entire business will revolve around brewing 8-10 quality beers on-site and serving them exclusively. In addition to customers being able to consume our beer in our establishment, they will also be able to buy it packaged to take home in crowlers, which we provide and fill on-site. We will also be pleased to fill growlers patrons bring in.

Impromptu Tours and Access to the Brewmaster

With our small community atmosphere, we will encourage customers to ask questions of our staff and brewmaster who are all passionate about excellent beer. We are a business run by beer nerds and we would love nothing better than to talk to you about the thing we love. We want our patrons to know how their beer is made and the amount of love and attention to detail which goes into each pint we serve. We will be happy to assist people in expanding their palates through unique beer flights and opportunities to try something new.

Great Value

The Gnome Hole is starting out as a brewpub only. Though in the future we may choose to increase production and distribute outside our establishment with the help of a distributor, that is not our purpose at this time. Because we will not have the extra fees incurred by distributing through a distributor, all of the profits over the cost of production will go directly back into the brewpub. We will not have distributor fees, the higher costs of those licenses, or bottling costs other than a crowler filler. We will not need to sell our beer at a premium price because of our reduced costs overall. We want our beer to have an everyday price that is less than most other establishments, giving our patrons a better value than our competitors while still maintaining a high margin of profit. All of that means, we want you to have fantastic beer for a fantastic price.


*Photo by Jake Stimpsom

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