Weekly Roundup #2

One thing that will be interesting is how we will balance opening the Gnome Hole with our regularly scheduled responsibilities.

Many people have asked, and yes, Ries is still working and will do so for as long as possible. I also work part-time, though occasionally, like this week, it is more than full time. I write books and we both have family and ministry responsibilities. All that to say, this is one of those weeks where most of the movement towards our goal was intellectual.

This week:

  • Ries made a lot of spreadsheets and updated ones he already had. He plotted out how much space we would need for equipment, storage, bar, seating, and kitchen. I think the number he came up with was about 2,500 square feet. Ries created and we discussed out major goals and the timeline for each. He made a bulleted list for me so we can discuss them next week.
  • Ries looked into average real estate prices in our area and what those prices would buy you on the market. Real estate will be one of our biggest expenses, so this was all very useful information.
  • Ries did some reading on bright tanks. A bright tank is a tank you put the beer into to allow it to clarify. A lot of big brewers use them and a lot of small brewers do not. We are leaning towards not, but are undecided.
  • Ries contacted the company we would like to get all our brewing equipment from to ask some questions and get a quote from them.
  • Ries made up a preliminary tap list based on conversations we have had over the past few months. It is going to be super exciting and fun, but you will have to wait a little longer to see the list.
  • We decided we need to start looking for a chef.
  • We shared a beer or two. 🙂 I had a couple different stouts from Brash Brewing that were amazing.

You will notice most of the things on the list this week, Ries completed. My day job kicked up a notch this week, so I have been gone almost every night and am working all weekend. Next week, I hope to have contributed a few more items to the list.



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