Weekly Update #3

This week, life happened. I have been sick and Ries had to double up duties. However, we still managed to move ahead with a few things.

  • We bought a Last Straw bottle filler so we can fill bottles from kegs. This will allow us to fill bottles to enter contests. I am also curious if it will be an improved method of filling growlers.
  • We got a quote from Stout Tanks and Kettles for the brewery set-up we want. Ries considered every line item and finalized a brewery equipment plan. Now, all we need is a wad of cash. Hahaha. Not kidding. We will actually need money for this crazy plan.
  • In this plan, we will have four fermenters and Ries already has a naming scheme in mind. The picture on this post should give you a clue. (geek alert)
  • I found the average salary for a chef in our area and that the range fluctuates based on the type of restaurant, casual vs. fancy.
  • A friend of a friend is a chef and we are meeting her in a week to talk. Worst case scenario, we meet an awesome new person and learn some stuff we didn’t know. Best case scenario… TBD.
  • We planned a brewing day for Saturday. The starter is currently bubbling away on top of our awesome new stir plate.

It’s Friday. Go grab a pint of your favorite brew and a friend. Slainte.

*Picture from Empire Magazine.

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