Weekly Roundup #8

I know, I know. It’s been a long time, but we have been working on things behind the scenes. This is the time of development where the most exciting things that happen involve spreadsheets and numbers. All the engineers just got really excited and the rest of us went to pour another beer. Prost!

Without further ado (saving the best for last):

  • Our friends at Texas Beer Refinery opened a tap room down the road from their brewery and down the road from us. Their new space is great, plus is it very family friendly. They have a new Gose on tap that my brother and sister in law loved. I personally loved their Flux Capacitor, an amazingly malty, beautiful smoked beer.
  • Like true beer nerds, we hunted down Saint Arnold’s Divine Reserve 16 and sampled it on tap the day it came out. DR16 is an adambier which has German roots. It was very malty, with just the right amount of hops. Can you tell I love malty beers?
  • We are filling in the blanks on our expense spreadsheet so we can estimate how much money we are going to have to beg steal borrow from the bank. It all equals a lot of money.
  • We tasted the Pale Ale and the Smoked Scotch Ale (Kilts on Fire) we made a few weeks ago. The Pale Ale is quite tasty, but the Smoked Scotch Ale needs some tweaking. We are going to try a different yeast next time that will balance with the smokiness of the malt.
  • THE BEST NEWS: We have a chef! I am going to hold off actually telling you about her yet, because I would like her to introduce herself in this space. Those of you that know us IRL have probably already heard me tell you how fabulous she was when we met her. She made me a bacon stout milkshake so I obviously loved her. Needless to say, I am very excited about working with her. She is going to be crafting some fantastic food and she is a cool lady. I was worried about finding the right person for us, but God provided in the most wonderful way.

That’s all for this week. I know you are thinking this brewpub startup involves a lot of beer drinking. You are correct. It is fabulous.

Enjoy the beautiful weather if you have it. Happy Easter. Go eat some Cadbury mini-eggs. Cheers.

DR16 in the sunshine.

DR16 in the sunshine.


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