Weekly Roundup for April 15

I looked over the list of roundup posts and I realized I skipped from roundup #6 to roundup #8. There is a reason I don’t do math. I have changed the roundup titles to reflect the date instead.

It has been a fun week around here in the brewpub that currently exists only in our dreams. Here is what we have been working on:

  • ICYMI (in case you missed it), our fabulous chef, Sallie introduced herself on the blog. She has some wonderful ideas and is overflowing with energy, something we needed. Sallie’s arrival is completely a God thing and we have already been blessed to have her on board.
  • Sallie sent us a preliminary menu. It was full of things I wanted to eat right that moment. I imagine she will be tweaking it until we open, but it is a great start to helping us plan the kitchen.
  • Sallie worked on designing her ideal kitchen based on the kind of food we want to serve and making an equipment list. Even designing my own household ideal kitchen is enough to make me swoon, so I can’t imagine how much fun she is having.
  • Sallie has also been talking to some local vendors to start getting a handle on prices for certain things. Pre-budgeting and planning properly is one thing that will make a difference between us being successful or not, so we are all working hard on getting good numbers.
  • Ries ordered real business cards that say, right there on the front, that he is a founder/brewer, so it must be true. He is going to need those in a couple weeks when he goes to the Craft Brewers Conference.
  • Ries is part of a men’s small group that meets in a different craft brew focused establishment a couple times a month to talk about Jesus, life, and beer. (I know you are thinking, I need to be in that group! Find a friend and start your own group, because we need more discussions about Jesus over beer.) Last night, they went to Bakfish Brewing Company in Pearland. Bakfish has been open for about a month now. Ries, in addition to talking with his group, met with one of the Bakfish crew and talked about brewing. Ries said the Defying Gravity Double IPA they currently have on tap is amazing. I am jealous and want to go try this paragon of double IPAs for myself.
  • Last week, I tried some great Austin beers. That was my only real contribution. I have been told my top priority right now is tweaking the writing in the business plan, so that is the exciting stuff I will be working on in the next couple weeks.

That’s all for now from the Gnome Team. Find a friend, grab a beer, and have a discussion about something important.


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