Fresh from the kitchen….

Hello everyone!  A quick update from the GnomeHole Test Kitchen.  Okay, it’s just my apartment kitchen, but GnomeHole Test Kitchen sounds so much more official, doesn’t it?  Lots of exciting things happening here in the last few weeks!  I’ve been playing around with kitchen designs, building a list of vendors, and other behind-the-scenes stuff that makes a kitchen successful.  More on that in my next post.  Now, for the fun stuff:

  • First, and most importantly….a preview of our Menu!  We’re keeping it simple, and small, and will make changes as we go.  The Food page will be updated as we make changes.  Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did creating it!
  • I’ve created our signature Brat Burger – it’s been taste-tested and approved by our awesome Research & Development Team (Michelle & Ries).  I can’t wait for you to try it!
  • I’m working on our soft pretzels, in bite-sized form. The texture is not quite where I want it yet, but it’s getting there.  Once I have the base recipe down, we’ll use it to make our pretzel buns for our Brat Burgers.  Practice makes perfect!
  • Beer Mustard.  Spicy, Sweet and full of hoppy beer goodness.  My first batch is not quite there yet – need to work on it some more, but this one should be ready soon as well.
  • I’m in love.  I was introduced to the Runza recently.  Ries mentioned that they wanted it, or something like it on the menu.  “What’s a Runza?”, I asked.  I was a goner at “bread stuffed with ground beef and cabbage”.  I’m playing with recipes now, developing something uniquely for GnomeHole, without straying too far from the original.  Stay tuned…..
  • Next up in the test kitchen:  chocolate beer brittle.  Be still my heart!

That’s it for now.  Have an awesome week!

Chef Sallie



2 thoughts on “Fresh from the kitchen….”

  1. The menu looks amazing! Can’t wait to sample everything!! Looking forward to meeting you, Chef Sallie. We’ve heard great things about you!

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