A Field Trip to The Houston Dairymaids

It has been quite a while since we posted here. Rest assured, the gnomes have all been working hard and we hope to have some news to share soon. Ries and I have been looking at locations for your new favorite pub, Chef Sallie has been finding the best possible food options for our menu, and we have all been working on the nitty gritty things that go into a new business.

The Gnome Hole wants to, as much as possible, use local businesses for our food needs. As a community pub, we want to buy local to serve local. With that in mind, Chef Sallie has been making a list of local food suppliers.

Last Friday, Chef Sallie and I took a field trip into town to visit the wonderful ladies at Houston Dairymaids. If there is anything better than the person who makes and sells you beer, it is a lady who sells you delicious artisan cheese. The dairymaids bring together artisan cheese from small creameries all over the United States and the world. They have an impressive amount of cheese on display and plenty more treasures in the fridge.

We were greeted by a plate of cheese, made up just for us, and a wine sample.

Mmmmm cheese.

Mmmmm cheese.

That bag of white cheese you see in the top left corner is a bag of cheese curds. It has been a couple years since I had good cheese curds and I was the most excited about these. In a previous post, Chef Sallie announced that Gnome Hole will have poutine on the menu and poutine requires good, fresh cheese curds. We have also discussed having beer cheese and other food involving cheese because cheese is delicious.

The Houston Dairymaids know their business and we tried some delightful examples of the cheese they carry. We sampled everything from goat, to blue, to gouda. By the time we left, Chef Sallie and I had cheese ideas dancing in our heads.

Both of us had some time before we needed to head home, so on the recommendation of one of the dairymaids, we went on another food field trip. According to our source, we found the best taco truck in the city parked next to the West Alabama Ice House.

Taco Truck

Street tacos are divinity wrapped in a tortilla.

I got a chicken flour taco and a barbacoa taco with cilantro, onions, and a lime. They had green and red salsas which burned off your taste buds and I smothered mine in both. The barbacoa especially was amazing.

Street Tacos

The chicken is on the left, barbacoa on the right.

We walked across the street to West Alabama Ice House, bought a couple beers, and settled in to enjoy a fantastic lunch in the Houston heat. It was a perfect day.

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