Our First Survey

At the Gnome Hole, we intend to be a place that will serve the people of the local community.  We think we have a good idea what people want but we want to make sure.  One of the most important features of a successful relationship (and that is what we want with you) is good communication.  We aim to develop all sorts of ways to communicate with our customers, be it through the internet or directly on-site.  We truly want to know what you are thinking and want to hear your feedback, good or bad.  Today, we are starting out with a simple survey.

The intent of this survey is for us to find out what is most important to you, the customer, when making related purchase decisions.  We respect your time so it is not a very long survey.  It will probably take less than 5 minutes.  There are some general demographics questions, but nothing personal.  If you follow the link below, it will take you to the survey.  At the end there is a space for you to provide further comments.  Nobody else will see it but the gnomes.

Click here for customer purchasing survey.

Thank you in advance for your time.  We look forward to serving you at the Gnome Hole.

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