Goodbye, for now

A year and a half ago, we embarked on a journey to open a brewpub. We enlisted the help of a fabulous chef, Sallie Lardy, and got to work researching and writing a business plan. We read industry reports, books on brewing and restaurants, gathered and analyzed census data, and ran our own survey. We developed a business plan that was focused, detailed, and customized for our area. After a year of writing and research, we had a solid plan to move forward.

After all the research, we knew two things: getting a loan for the amount of money we would need was going to be impossible and what we knew about running a business or a brewery was just not going to be enough to convince a bank or investors to give us that kind of money. There were some other considerations, but this one was the most concerning.

There were some personal reasons as well and we were not sure that this was the proper path we needed to be taking. The more we thought about it, the more we realized, this was not the right time for this dream.

We are sticking a bookmark in it and turning the pageĀ on this dream, for now. We may, in the future, revisit the Gnome Hole, even if it is only in the basement of our house as we serve friends and live life. Through this process, we have learned a lot about breweries and we want to put that into practical experience.

On June 5th, Ries will be joining the team at a growing regional brewery whose family we are very excited to be joining. This move means we will be living outside of Texas and our family is ready for this adventure.

We have been so blessed by all the support from family and friends as we searched for our way. Ries has found his calling as a brewer, even if it looks different than when we started. We hope if you are ever in our neck of the woods, you will stop in, have a beer, and catch up with old friends.

Cheers. Prost. Slainte. L’Chaim. Salud.

1 thought on “Goodbye, for now”

  1. If everything is in God’s timing, no time is wasted. I’ll miss the chance to enjoy your company there, but your new gig sounds great.
    Best wishes!

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