Tap List

Static Beer Taps

Our static offering beer taps provide consistency so that customers know that when they return to the Gnome Hole Brewpub that they can always find one of these offerings every time. The four static taps will feature beers that span the color spectrum.

  • Stout – The darkest offering of our static beer taps will be black in color. This beer will appeal to coffee drinkers and those looking for an Irish Stout similar to Guinness. There will be a pronounced roasted flavor with a balance that is close to the middle leaning on the bitter side that leaves the palate dry.
  • Brown – The brown is slightly lighter in color than our stout and it has a sweeter more malty balance. It will have a caramel centric flavor with hints of toffee, nutty, and light chocolate notes. The hop flavor and aroma will have a barely noticeable earthy or floral quality to it.
  • Copper – The copper is probably best described as an amber ale. It will exhibit a coppery-red color with a lightly sweet malt flavor that is balanced well by a fruity, earthy hop aroma. This medium bodied beer is intended to be both satisfying to the experienced ale drinker and yet a welcoming experience to the neophyte.
  • Pale Ale – The pale ale is our lightest colored static beer offering. Pale ales vary much by geography. The pale ales of Britain are one of the most popular in that region. The west coast craft breweries have made popular versions that give a strong hoppy flavor and aroma. The pale ale that Gnome Hole Brewpub will brew will be a compromise between the two styles. It will be a pale, refreshing, and well balanced beer with a moderate alcohol content that allows the beer drinker to have two or three without becoming filled up or intoxicated. It will have a moderately hoppy flavor and aroma without overpowering the clean grainy-malt character. This beer is intended to appeal to experienced ale drinkers, as well as novice beer drinkers who have not yet experienced the craft beer revolution.

Dynamic Beer Taps

The dynamic rotating beer taps provide an avenue for returning customers to try something new each time they come to the Gnome Hole Brewpub. The modern craft beer drinker tends to be adventurous in their tastes, often looking for something new or different. The eight rotating beer taps will each follow their own theme. A beer style and recipe will be chosen by the head brewer that fits within the theme. When that beer runs out a new different beer that also fits within that theme will be offered. In this way customers who are new to craft beer drinking can learn about the many styles and products that the craft beer industry provides. If they liked the style previously offered in the tap, then they may like to try the new offering as well. Beers that sell well will make repeat appearances and beers that don’t sell well will be brewed less often.

  • Riese – Riese is German for giant. This tap will feature beers that are considered “big”, meaning they have a high original gravity. These beers will be higher in alcohol content and will tend to have a maltier, complex flavor. Due to the strong flavors and high alcohol content these will be served in snifter glasses. Example beers include Scottish Wee Heavy, Imperial Stout, Barleywine, and Dopplebock.
  • Belgian – Belgium is famous for their beers and have become a popular import beer amongst craft beer drinkers. Most of them tend to be very strong malty beers and will likely be served in snifter glasses. Examples include Abbey Ales, Dubbels, Tripels, Quads, Wit, Strong Golden, and Farmhouse.
  • IPA – India Pale Ale has become the most popular style of craft beer in the USA. It has a very strong hop bitterness, flavor, and aroma. American craft brewers have taken the style and expanded it into so many variations that it deserves its own rotating tap. Other than the traditional IPA recipe from Britain, there is American IPA, Belgian IPA, Black IPA, White IPA, Brown IPA, Red IPA, Double IPA, Rye IPA, and the catch-all Specialty IPA that allows for other variations.
  • Single Hop – The single hop beer is designed for the many people who love their hop strong beers. All beers served in this tap will have a similar malt profile that is meant to feature the aspects of the hop that is used and they will only use one hop variety. The difference in the rotating beers is that each beer will use a different hop variety. This allows drinkers who are fans of a certain type of hop to experience it by itself, unadulterated from mixing with others. It also allows fans of hops that don’t know the difference between the different varieties to learn what they do like and be able to search it out in the many craft beers offered by the industry. Finally it allows a chance to feature some of the newer trendy hops that go in and out of style in the market.
  • Session – Session beers are named such that they were designed to drink several in a “session” of drinking time. They are designed to be lighter in body and alcohol so that more can be drink without feeling full or inebriated. These beers could include Wheat, Mild, English Bitter, Kolsch, Blonde, and variations on Pale Ales.
  • Seasonal – Many drinkers of craft beer have become accustomed to finding a beer that is designed for the seasonal conditions. That may be a Christmas Ale during the holidays, a Winter Warmer when it is cold, or crisp shandy during the heat of the summer.
  • Brewer’s Choice – This is an opportunity for the head brewer to experiment with different beers that may not fit into the other categories. This can be something that is new and trendy, something that challenges the brewer’s skill, something that is radically different, or some beer that may be tested for possible inclusion in the standard lineup.
  • People’s Choice – This tap will be similar to the Brewer’s Choice tap, except it will take on less of an experimental role and more of a tried-and-true aspect. The most important part is that it will be chosen by customers and fans of the brewpub. Polls will be put on the website and social media as well as taking customer feedback in-house. This is an opportunity to bring back fan favorites from other taps or try something that the populous is clamoring for.

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Featured photo by James Lee.